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Tribology and TRIS

By combining the e-Tribology technology we have cultivated thus far with the new concept of "e," we will promote manufacturing that goes beyond automotive applications and contributes to the future of society.

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Tribology and TRIS

About TRIS

TRIS is such a company!

With the vision of " TRI BOLOGY SYSTEM," which comprehensively develops friction-related fields, as our company name, we pursue friction-related technologies to meet a variety of requests with high quality and high development capabilities centered on automotive carbon brushes. I've been doing it.

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Product Information

Challenging new fields with future-oriented research and development and technology

TRIS is a tribology company that boasts the world's top class in automotive carbon brushes .
We continue to challenge new fields with research and development and technology with an eye on the future.

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To fulfill our social responsibility

Aiming for a sustainable society,
We are working to solve various social issues.

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Company Information

We will refine our core technology and aim to become the global TRIS that the world demands.

We will continue to refine the tribology technology we have cultivated over many years and provide innovative, high-quality products and comprehensive services to meet the needs of customers around the world.

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